Pennsylvania Gas

Ophaned and Abandoned Wells in Pennslyvania

An NPR article reports that there are about 200,000 orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania. Most of these were drilled before current permitting and closure procedures were established and many of their locations are unknown. More at National Public Radio.

Sandy Did Not Disrupt Marcellus Activity

Several companies involved in Marcellus Shale drilling and production report that they were not significantly disrupted by Hurricane Sandy. More at

Dry Shale Gas Production Growth

Since January 2010, most of the increase in the dry shale gas production in the United States has been generated by the Marcellus Shale and the Haynesville Formation. More at Energy Information Administration.

Pittsburgh: Natural Gas Disputes of the 1880′s

An article on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website reviews some of the natural gas problems in the Pittsburgh area during the 1880's. This was when some of the first underground natural gas lines were being built to deliver gas to consumers. More at

Does Fracking in California Take Less Water than in Pennsylvania?

An article on the website reports that the hydraulic fracturing being done in California uses much less water than what is being done in Pennsylvania. However, when rock type, horizontal leg length, type of production and other factors are ... More at

Gas Lease: Deal Breaker for Mortgage Refinance?

Some homeowners in Pennsylvania have been surprised to learn that they can not refinance their homes when their property has been leased to a company planning to drill for Marcellus Shale gas. More at

Marcellus Shale Organic Thickness Map

Ohio DNR has publised a regional organic-thickness map of the Marcellus Shale with additional organic-rich beds in the Hamilton Group. The map covers areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and New York. More at Ohio DNR.

State Governments Want Natural Gas Vehicles

Twenty-two states are soliciting bids for natural gas vehicles that will be used in state government auto pools. More at Business Week.

Pittsburgh and Natural Gas

Although Pittsburgh made headlines [1] in 2010 when city council members banned hydraulic fracturing within city limits the town is now getting lots of economic benefits from the natural gas industry. [1] More at San Francisco Chronicle.

Pennsylvania: Natural Gas Production Doubles

"Annual gross natural gas production more than doubled in Pennsylvania in 2011, exceeding 1 trillion cubic feet, due to production from the Marcellus shale." Quoted from the Energy Information Administration state energy report. More at Energy Information Administration.

EPA Report on Dimock Water

EPA has tested drinking water from Dimock, Pennsylvania and reports that it is safe to drink. There has been a long dispute about contamination of Dimock area water by hydraulic fracturing. More at

No Premium for Appalachian Natural Gas

Spreads between Appalachian Index natural gas in southwest Pennsylvania — and the Henry Hub in the Gulf Coast are changing due mainly to growth in Marcellus production. Appalachian Index gas has historically been priced about $0.25 per MMBtu above He... More at Energy Information Administration.

Marcellus Shale Slowdown

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explores the slowdown in natural gas drilling experienced in most parts of the Marcellus Shale region. The drillers are not the only ones feeling the drop in activity. More at Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Drill or Forfeit the Lease?

Chesapeake and Statoil have lots of Marcellus leases that require them to drill or forfeit the lease. However, they are hesitant to drill because gas prices are very low and much of the gas will be without pipeline. More at Marketwatch.

Appalachian Basin Cross Section

"Geologic cross section C–C′ is the third in a series of cross sections constructed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to document and improve understanding of the geologic framework and petroleum systems of the Appalachian basin." Quoted from the USGS publication release. More at USGS.

Oil and Gas in US Mesozoic Basins

The United States Geological Survey has published Fact Sheet 2012–3075... Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the East Coast Mesozoic Basins of the Piedmont, Blue Ridge Thrust Belt, Atlantic Coastal Plain, and New England Provinces, 2011. More at USGS.

Pennsylvania Has Natural Gas Conversion Grants

To promote the use of abundant supplies of Pennsylvania natural gas, the Commonwealth is offering $20 million in grant funding to assist in the conversion of vehicles to natural gas. The target is primarily fleet operators such as regional transit org... More at Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

$4.7 Billion from Marcellus Gas?

An AP article reports that drillers produced about $4.7 billion worth of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia during 2011. More at

Rouge Fractures

"The chances of rogue fractures due to shale gas fracking operations extending beyond 0.6 kilometres from the injection source is a fraction of one percent, according to new research led by Durham University. The analysis is based on data from thousands of fracking operations in the USA and natural rock fractures in Europe and Africa." Quoted from the Durham University press release. More at Durham University.

Pennsylvania Act 13: Drilling Impact Fee

"The law provides for the imposition of a drilling impact fee and the expenditure of the funds generated by that impact fee to local and state purposes specifically outlined in the law. The law also contains a mechanism as to how the fees shall be distributed. A significant portion of the fees generated will be used to cover the local impacts of drilling while several of state agencies will also receive funding for a variety of other purposes." Quote from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. More at Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Sue the State to Control Drilling?

Seven communities in southwestern Pennsylvania are suing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania because they want to control natural gas drilling in their zoning districts. More at Post

Appalachian Natural Gas Targets for 2012

An article on the website summarizes the 2012 drilling plans of Range Resources, EQT Production and Consol Energy. More at

New Jersey-New York Pipeline

"Spectra Energy has received conditional environmental approval from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff on its proposed New Jersey-New York Expansion project. [...] The system, which would be the first major natural gas pipeline to reach New York City in 40 years." Quoted from the Energy Information Administration. More at Energy Information Administration.

Natural Gas Parallel Universe

An article titled "Marcellus Shale Parallel Universe" explores the impact of different approaches to natural gas development experienced in Pennsylvania and New York. More at

This Marcellus Pipeline Goes South

A $1 billion pipeline has been proposed that will deliver Marcellus Shale gas from northern Pennsylvania to markets in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. More at

The Range Resources “Super-Rich Area”

Range Resources is starting to focus its Marcellus Shale drilling in a portion of southwestern Pennsylvania known as the "Super-Rich Area". Information for this story is in a .pdf document here (click the 2/21/2012 company presentation link) [1] [1] More at Range Resources.

Impact of Natural Gas Drilling on Washington County PA

This video and article feature some of the positive impacts that natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale has brought to the economy of Washington County, Pennsylvania and neighboring areas. More at

Oil and Natural Gas Data for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has created interactive reports that allow citizens create reports that summarize oil and gas production information, permits issued, drilling commence date, county data, operator specific data, a... More at Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Eminent Domain and Pennsylvania Pipelines

An article on the ABC News website reports on how eminent domain is being used in Pennsylvania by a natural gas pipeline company to acquire missing pieces of a pipeline right-of-way. More at ABC News.

Overproduction in the Natural Gas Industry

National Public Radio has a podcast titled: "Is The Booming Natural Gas Industry Overproducing?". It explores how natural gas companies are cutting back on production, filling underground storage and moving their rigs out of the dry gas areas. More at National Public Radio.

Methane Is Ubiquitous in Shallow Groundwater

An article published by the Oil and Gas Journal shows that methane was ubiquitous in shallow groundwater prior to oil and gas drilling in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. More at Oil and Gas Journal.

Irrational Natural Gas Prices?

Lots of factors contribute to the natural gas prices paid by residential customers. Long term contracts and distant supply sources can hold residential prices high even though natural gas is locally in abundance. Residential customers in Arkansas, Lo... More at Energy Information Administration.

Electric Power from the Marcellus and Utica Shales

As environmental regulations hasten the closure of coal-fired power plants American Electric Power plans to build a 1bcf/day pipeline to deliver gas from wells in the Marcellus [1] and Utica Shales [2]. [1] [2] More at The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register.

Impacts of


studies." Quoted from the report's abstract. More at Marcellus

Marcellus Shale in 2012

An article on the website explores possible developments related to the Marcellus Shale in 2012. A new lease environment, geographic shifts in activity, price directions and more. More at

Pennsylvania Natural Gas Production is UP

The Energy Information Administration has a brief article on the rapid increase in natural gas production that has occurred in the northeastern United States since 2004. The largest gains were in northeastern Pennsylvania, southwestern Pennsylvania an... More at Energy Information Administration.

Refinery for Utica Shale Crude Oil

Marathon Petroleum is preparing to refine oil produced from the Utica Shale of eastern Ohio and western Pennslyvania. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates that the Utica Shale could yield between 1.3 and 5.5 billion barrels of crude. More at West Virginia Business Journal.

Jobs Created by the Marcellus Shale

An article on the website explores the diversity of jobs associated with development of the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. Sue Mukherjee a directory with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry says: "The fastest 12 growing occupations in Pennsylvania are all directly related to Marcellus Shale." More at

Local Workers for Natural Gas Drilling?

In many parts of the Marcellus Shale gas play local residents are disappointed to see so many workers from over a thousand miles away getting high-paying jobs while local unemployment rates are very high. Letters similar to this one have been publishe... More at Huntington

Podcast: Who Should Regulate Natural Gas Drilling?

Some local governments would like to have greater control over where, when and how natural gas drilling can be done in their areas of jurisdiction. This podcast explores the division of regulation between state and local governments in Pennsylvania. More at National Public Radio.