Horizontal Well Density in the Utica Shale of Ohio

We plotted a Google map showing the horizontal legs for Utica Shale [1] wells drilled in eastern Ohio before late November 2013 and were really surprised by the geographic pattern and density of drilling in some areas. [1] http://geology.com/articles/utica-shale/ More at Geology.com.

Frac Sand

Frac Sand is a high-purity silica sand used in hydraulic fracturing by the oil and gas industry. The amount of frac sand used in the United States is up over 300% since 2009. More at Geology.com.

Russia Turns Off Gas to Ukraine

On Monday, Russia cut of natural gas flowing into Ukraine. Russia claims that Ukraine owes $2 billion for gas that has already been delivered. More at New York Times.

Drilling to the Marcellus with Air

"Indiana County-based Falcon Drilling is [...] using mid-sized rigs and air drilling, as a less-expensive approach." Quoted from TribLive.com More at TribLive.com.

No Need to Frack in North Carolina ?

"North Carolina could soon be deluged with cheap and abundant natural gas from the Marcellus Shale through a major pipeline expansion that could dampen urgency to incubate a home-grown fracking industry." Quoted from the NewsObserver.com article. More at NewsObserver.com.

Natural Gas Development and Landscape in Pennsylvania

"Landscape change in Pennsylvania's Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Columbia, Huntingdon, and Luzerne counties resulting from construction of well pads, new roads and pipelines for natural gas and coalbed methane development is being documented to help determine the potential consequences for ecosystems and wildlife, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey report." Quoted from the USGS announcement. More at USGS.

The Utica Might Not Be a Liquids Bonanza

"Companies hoping the Utica Shale would be the next big liquids play could be in for a disappointment as many wells are proving to be a source of dry gas." Quote from the SNL article. Related: What is the Utica Shale? [1] [1] http://geology.com/articles/utica-shale/ More at SNL Financial.

Local Regulation of Fracking in Colorado ?

"Governor John Hickenlooper's proposal to give communities more control over oil and gas drilling is creating a broad consensus among some legislators, environmentalists and business groups: They all hate it." Quoted from the Denver Post. More at Denver Post.

A New Record for US Natural Gas

"U.S. natural gas output will reach 73 billion cubic feet a day for the first time this year as new pipelines tap into shale supplies stranded in the Marcellus Formation." Quoted from the FuelFix article. More at FuelFix.com.

Eagle Ford Shale

Before 2008 the Eagle Ford Shale attracted very little attention from oil and gas companies. Since then it has become one of the most heavily drilled rock units in the United States. More at Geology.com.

Coalbed Methane Resources of Pennsylvania

The Spring 2014 edition of Pennsylvania Geology has an article by Antonette Markowski titled: "The State of Pennsylvania’s Coalbed Methane Resources". More at Pennsylvania Geology.

Natural Gas Storage Below Normal

The amount of natural gas in storage is far below normal. This could have a significant impact upon winter electricity rates and the availability of natural gas during the winter heating season. More at Forbes.com.

Wasting Even More Gas in North Dakota

"Natural gas production in North Dakota's portion of the Bakken Shale formation has grown significantly, alongside the rapid rise in oil production in the state. Natural gas production has outpaced additions to the state's gas pipeline capacity and processing facilities. As a result, the amount of nonmarketed natural gas output continued to grow in North Dakota through the end of 2013, rising to an average of 0.31 billion cubic feet per day, almost double the levels in 2011." Quoted from the Energy Information Administration. More at Energy Information Administration.

The European Shale Bonanza ?

The British Geological Survey estimates that there are 1300 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 4.4 billion barrels of oil in the shales of Northern England. Can they duplicate the "U.S. Shale Bonanza"? More at Forbes.com.

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Test

Goodrich Petroleum reports on a well in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale of Mississippi. A basin that so far has promise but not a lot of tests. More at UPI.com.

Consol: Moving from Coal to Natural Gas

"Consol Energy has a 9,000-acre sweet spot containing an estimated 1 Tcf of Marcellus Shale natural gas just outside its Pittsburgh headquarters." Quoted from the Platts.com article. More at Platts.com.

Produce Where You Have Infrastructure Support

"Magnum Hunter is focusing on the Marcellus and Utica shale plays more than North Dakota because its Eureka Hunter subsidiary has pipeline there to easily move its product." Quote from the Biz Journal article. More at Houston Business Journal.

New Emissions Rules Could Drive Natural Gas Demand

New rules from EPA that will reduced the carbon dioxide emissions allowed from power plants could significantly increase the demand for natural gas. More at Platts.com.

20-Year Natural Gas Deal with Spain

Cheniere Energy will supply LNG worth $5.6 billion over a 20-year agreement with Spanish power generator, Iberdola, S.A. More at FuelFix.com.

Marathon to Increase Shale Assets

Marathon Oil Corporation has decided to sell their Norwegian assets for $2.7 billion and use the money to increase their activity in United States shale basins. More at BizJournals.com.

Horizontal Drilling in the Permian Basin

"Just as the Permian Basin is leading in the growth of oil production and the creation of jobs, the region is now leading the nation in the growth of horizontal drilling [1] activity." Quote from the Midland Reporter-Telegram. Related: What is Horizontal Drilling? [2] [1] http://geology.com/articles/horizontal-drilling/ [2] http://geology.com/articles/horizontal-drilling/ More at Midland Reporter-Telegram.

United Kingdom Oil and Natural Gas Report

"The United Kingdom is the largest producer of oil and the second-largest producer of natural gas in the European Union. Following years of exports of petroleum and natural gas, the UK became a net importer of all fossil fuels for the first time in 2013." Quoted from the EIA country report. More at Energy Information Administration.

Replacing Coal with Natural Gas in Coal Country

What happens when a coal-fired power plant is refitted to burn natural gas in Kentucky's "coal country"? "Coal is all that's here, that's the jobs," he said. "If you're not a doctor or a lawyer, coal miner is next." More at SeattlePI.com.

Competition Between Uranium and Natural Gas ?

Replacing coal as a power plant fuel with natural gas will reduce carbon emissions... but replacing uranium with natural gas will increase them. More at New York Times.

Where are Natural Gas Prices Headed?

PennEnergy.com has an article titled: "Where are Natural Gas prices headed?" The author, a 25 year veteran of the oil and gas industry, explains where he believes production, demand and prices for natural gas are heading. More at PennEnergy.com.

Turkey Oil and Gas Report

Compared to its consumption, Turkey produces very little oil, very little natural gas and most of its coal. It is a hub for the import of oil and natural gas. More at Energy Information Administration.

Propylene from Natural Gas on the Gulf Coast ?

"The planned plant on the U.S. Gulf Coast - which would be BASF's largest investment in a single facility - would convert natural gas into propylene, a key building block for advanced materials such as insulation foams, lubricants and superabsorbants for diapers." Quote from Reuters.com More at Reuters.com.

PodCast: The Russia-China Gas Deal

"The $400 billion gas deal between Russia and China marks Moscow's pivot to Asia. Analysts say the deal could impact projects in the works targeting Asia by other nations, including the U.S." Quoted from the NPR podcast introduction. More at NPR.

Where Future Oil and Gas Will be Found

"Most of the world’s future oil and gas reserves won’t come from new discoveries, but by finding ways to get more oil from regions the industry has already developed." Quote from David Eyton, head of research and technology, BP. More at FuelFix.com.

LNG Imports are Falling

During 2013 natural gas imported by the United States in the form of LNG declined by 45% to 97Bcf. More at Energy Information Administration.

Staff Turnover in the Oil and Gas Industry

"After years of failing to attract and retain young talent, the industry is suddenly brimming with upstart millennials." More at Business Week.

Russian Gas Exports

"In 2013, Russia exported an average of 15.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas on pipelines to countries in Eastern and Western Europe, 16% more than in 2012." Quoted from the Energy Information Administration article. More at Energy Information Administration.

Natural Gas Exports to Mexico

The United States currently exports significant amounts of natural gas to Mexico. However, Mexico is now working to develop more of their own resources - such as the Eagle Ford Shale. These developments will likely cut the amount of natural gas flowing from the United States into Mexico. More at FuelFix.com.

Selling Less Natural Gas to Mexico ?

Mexico's new energy policies may significantly reduce the amount of natural gas that the United States sells to Mexico. More at FuelFix.com.

Drilling Into Debt

"The U.S. shale patch is facing a shakeout as drillers struggle to keep pace with the relentless spending needed to get oil and gas out of the ground." Quoted from the Bloomberg article. More at Business Week.

$120B in LNG Export Projects

"As U.S. production of natural gas soars, companies are investing $120 billion in North American export projects that could increase domestic gas prices." Quoted from the USAToday article. More at USA Today.

Shale Energy is a US Phenomenon

"... no place else in the world has the combination the U.S. does – the capital, engineers, geologists, chemists, a legal system that recognizes mineral rights, pipelines, midstream infrastructure and a ready market." Quoted from the FuelFix article. More at FuelFix.com.

So Little Interest in Kentucky Shales ?

An article on Kentucky.com explores why the state is not attracting large numbers of drilling rigs to tap their shale formations. More at Kentucky.com.

Wasting Gas in the Bakken

Flaring natural gas in North Dakota is costing shareholders, taxpayers and property owners millions of dollars per day - and contributing to the advancement of climate change. Related: Flaring of Natural Gas is Visible from Space [1] [1] http://geology.com/articles/oil-fields-from-space/#bakken-formation More at National Geographic.

Fracking Bill in North Carolina

"The North Carolina Senate approved a bill that, if ratified by the House of Representatives and Gov. Pat McCrory, would lift a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing by July 2015." Quote from Aljazeera.com More at Aljazeera.